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Jamie Lee


Q: How long have you been volunteering at ARV?

A: 6 years! Half my time has been as Kids Program Team member, and the other half as a member of the Executive Committee! Both roles have been extremely rewarding and have taught me new skills. 

Q: Describe your favourite activity with ARV so far

A: This would have to be when I went ice skating with the ARV Kids Program. Going in, I thought the morning was going to be about the volunteers/adults teaching the kids how to skate. After getting on the ice, I quickly realised that in a lot of cases, it was the other way around: it was the kids who were showing the adults how to skate and encouraging them! It didn’t matter that not all the volunteers could skate, the kids couldn’t care less, and they loved teaching the volunteers what they knew!
I loved this program because it was a great reminder that volunteering is a two-way street and that as volunteers, we get something out of it too, whether it be a sense of satisfaction, or an ice-skating lesson from a small child! 

Q: What is something you like to do separate from ARV?   

A: I have slowly been getting into hiking and camping over the past couple years and have been trying to spend more of my time outdoors in nature. But recently, in true social distancing and #stayathome style, I have been re-reading all the Harry Potter books and re-watching all the Harry Potter movies!

Q: Would you recommend ARV to other volunteers?

A: ARV is one of the best things that I do with my time and I’m always recommending it to people that I know! 
There are so many great things about volunteering with ARV, but the biggest for me are: the bond you build with the children over time, the range of volunteers you get to meet, and the flexibility ARV offers, so that even if you have a busy schedule, it’s still possible to make room for volunteering!

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