Jess Inman-Hislop

Volunteer Profile_ Jess Inman-Hislop.jpg

Q: How long have you been volunteering at ARV?

A: Just over 4 years!

Q: Describe your experience at ARV

A: I have had the privilege of being a regular volunteer, a Client Manager, a Program Coordinator, and now a member of the Executive Committee, which has allowed me to experience ARV from multiple perspectives and given me a deeper understanding of the complexities of running an effective volunteer organisation. Overall, my experience has been extremely fulfilling, mainly because of the fun I have had and the connections I have made with the kids and volunteers of ARV.

Q: What Made you choose ARV?

A: I was studying Psychology at the time, and I was looking to volunteer with an organisation that worked with children to improve their social and emotional wellbeing. A friend of mine had already been volunteering with ARV for a long time, and suggested that it might be a great place to start. I never expected that I would find an organisation (with such brilliant admin members) that I have felt so much love and loyalty towards!

Q: Describe your favourite activity with ARV so far

A: Ice-skating! I have been a few times and it is by far the coolest activity I’ve attended at ARV. The kids always look forward to it and have such a great time learning the skills from instructors and racing around the ice (and trying to nab abandoned penguins!), and they never fail to cheerlead and support the less confident among them (and often the volunteers too!).

Q: What is something you like to do separate from ARV?   

A: I love cooking and making art. I am currently obsessed with making focaccia, and my housemates have been reaping the benefits. I am also working on a series of pencil drawings of my friends’ eyes. My enjoyment of these things comes from the fact that I can share what I make with the people I love.

Q: Would you recommend ARV to other volunteers? 

A: 100%! It is such a wonderful way to engage with the community and provide kids with fun experiences that promote their social and emotional development. If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity with direct impact, that also involves participating in awesome activities, then ARV is the organisation for you!

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