Kiri-Ana Libbesson


Q: How long have you been volunteering at ARV?

A: Since November 2014, so 5.5 years, minus almost 2 years while I was away. 

Q: Describe your experience at ARV

A: Seeing the kids smiling faces and enjoyment is obviously an amazing part of the ARV experience. I have also always felt very welcomed and encouraged by other volunteers to achieve my full potential. All the amazing people who are involved in ARV, and their passion for the work ARV is doing, is truly inspiring. 

Q: What Made you choose ARV?

A: I had recently returned from a few years of travelling and living overseas, and having gained a new perspective on the world, I was eager to get involved in volunteering in the refugee sector to help make a difference in whatever small way I might be able to.

Q: Describe your favourite activity with ARV so far

A: Camp, for sure!

Q: What is something you like to do separate from ARV?   

A: I’ve been getting into kayaking a lot over the last few months in the harbour. I’ve particularly learnt the importance of staying balanced, and also to watch out for the unexpected and hidden dangers – while just getting in the kayak a few weeks ago, I was stung by a large ant, which sent an intense amount of pain through my hand and arm for the next couple of hours. It turns out that type of ant is one of the most venomous insects in Australia!

Q: Would you recommend ARV to other volunteers? 

A: Definitely!

Q: What’s a fun fact that no one at ARV knows about you? 

A: My favourite word is “Mingalaba” – it is Burmese/Myanmar for “Hello”, and is just so fun to say that you can’t help smiling.

Q: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

A: Eliminating hatred

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