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Lego fun

July 15th 2016

Surrounded by the unique arts and heritage of Fairfield City, our recent Kids Program re-visited important rules and guidelines about what we all expect from each other. Serious business aside, games like tug-of-war, sack-race and three-legged race were a lot of fun. After lunch, Bricks 4 Kidz paid a visit and everyone enjoyed building masterful creations using Lego bricks!

Kids day in

June 24th 2016

Our recent Kids Program activity made the most of winter with some great indoor activities. In the morning, the kids worked in small groups on a challenge to build the tallest tower. 


In the afternoon, we returned to an ARV favourite; Tik Toks Playland (a giant jungle gym of obstacles, slippery dips and spinning teacups to be conquered!). It was a fun and very active day for all.

Story time

May 18th 2016

In May our Kids Program visited the Sydney Story Factory in Redfern where the kids unleashed their creative talent in storytelling. Our younger kids did a workshop where they created stories about a 'robotic bird' along with colourful illustrations, while our older kids worked in groups to write and perform stories of any theme they liked. 

The other half of the day was spent in tennis workshop where our kids had a great time learning new skills and building their confidence.

April Camp

May 6th 2016

During our April camp we opened our minds by teaching each other new languages, learning to play instruments, expressing ourselves through art and testing each other with friendly trivia. We jumped, sprinted and rolled through invigorating physical workshops ranging from frisbee to yoga, circus skills and dance.

We built up our confidence with a hilarious theatre-sports workshops, all culminating in an amazing talent show at the end.

And all of this in only five days… we can’t wait for the next camp!

Rocking out

April 14th 2016

Our April Kids Program was one of high energy! We kicked off the morning with a soccer workshop focussing on different skills such as shooting, goal-keeping and agility, before combining all our newly-learned skills in a game together. 

In the afternoon, both kids and volunteers challenged their fears together at rock climbing, building trust and friendships. 


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